Professional Couples

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New at NuLu Open...

Our professional division are designed to fairly separate Professionals and Amateur dancers. 

  • We provide the opportunity for most professional couples to dance 2 times at the event.
  • Rising Star Professional on Friday night and Open Professional on Saturday night.
  • No B.S. You are the pros and you are the show!
Rising Star Professional:

Dancers who are classified as professionals below, should enter this division.

Masters, Division 1, Division 2, Crown and others who are declared professionals are able to enter this division. 

Any Masters level couple with a top 6 placement at worlds or 1 win vs 3 competitors are prohibited from the Rising Star Professional division.

Open Professional:

This is a professional division, and the top country dancers at Nulu Open. Any and all dancers who are classified as professionals are eligible to enter this division.


PROFESSIONAL: A Professional Dancer is one who is any or all of the following:

  • One who partners a Pro/Am Student in a Pro/Am Competition.
  • One who partners a dancer in a Pro/Pro Competition.
  • One who competes in an Open Professional Division.
  • One who who declares himself or herself a Professional by making a full time living as a dance professional in any form of dance.