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No professional partner? no problem!

This is like Pro/Am... but for Professionals.

You get to dance with a professional dancer but be judged against other professionals. 


There are 2 age classifications for ProPro.

We offer 2 age classifications:

  • Open - All ages
  • Adult 2 - 40+

PROFESSIONAL: A Professional Dancer is one who is any or all of the following:

  • One who partners a Pro/Am Student in a Pro/Am Competition.
  • One who partners a dancer in a Pro/Pro Competition.
  • One who competes in an Open Professional Division.
  • One who who declares himself or herself a Professional by making a full time living as a dance professional in any form of dance. 

How does an amateur become a professional?

  • By the declaration of such By entering an open professional division. By entering a Pro/Pro division.