Showcase Music

ProAm and Couples Showcase Music

If you need to contact the committee regarding anything related to Showcase music, please email Jeremy Bryan at
One song changes every six months in the following order: Waltz, Cha Cha, ECS, Triple Two, Two Step, WCS, Nightclub, Polka. The release/preview date of a song falls in either June or December of a given year, while the usage date of a song falls in either March or September (three months after the release/preview date). The four-year look ahead of music release/preview and usage dates is as follows:

Music release dates:

December 2019 –Release/Preview Date of Waltz
March 2019 – Usage Date of new Waltz
June 2019 – Release/Preview Date of Cha Cha
September 2019 – Usage Date of new Cha Cha
December 2019 – Release Date of ECS
March 2020 – Usage Date of new ECS
June 2020 – Release Date of Triple Two
September 2020 – Usage Date of new Triple Two
December 2020 – Release Date of Two Step
March 2021 – Usage Date of new Two Step
June 2021 – Release Date of WCS
September 2021 – Usage Date of new WCS
December 2021 – Release/Preview Date of Nightclub
March 2022 – Usage Date of new Nightclub
June 2022 – Release/Preview Date of Polka
September 2022 – Usage Date of Polka
All recorded music is protected by US and other patent and copyright laws. It is unfair and illegal to copy or use music for which the authors have not been compensated for their intellectual property.

UCWDC Showcase, Masters, SuperStars, Crown and RisingStars Division competition dance routines are required to be choreographed to specific songs or music medleys. In order to enhance the duration, showmanship and musicality of those competition dance performances, Special Cut competition music was created by the United Country Western Dance Council Music Committee. All of the music used in the creation of the Special Cut competition music was assembled and edited by the committee from legally obtained sources.

Before downloading and opening the file and using this Special Cut track of music for the creation of dance choreography, practice, competition, or any other purpose, the downloader must expressly agree that he or she understands his or her obligation under US and other patent and copyright laws to first legally obtain and purchase, from any music track provider of their choice, the original track(s) or CD(s) that were used in the creation of the Special Cut needed for dance competition.

By downloading this Special Cut, the downloader stipulates to the United Country Western Dance Council®, with intent to be legally bound, that he or she is already the owner of a legally obtained copy of all of the original source music used in its creation and further indemnifies the UCWDC against all blame and responsibility for any failure on the part of the downloader to obtain and use legally purchased music.

If the downloader prefers to edit and cut his or her own practice music from his or her personal copy of the original track(s), the UCWDC will gladly provide a compilation of the edits and cuts the dancer needs to make the tune usable as a Showcase competition number.